Cornerstone Of Hope

Wavering Faith

By Inita Callaway

Imagine getting ready to have lunch after a long stressful day at the office and you are extremely hungry. All your thoughts have been consumed with the leafy green salad that awaits you. Your mouth starts to water after every passing minute. Suddenly, your stomach begins a gastric symphony that you were not invited to. The woodwinds, percussions, and brass families are in rare form. The symphony director is very upset and its winds are ranging. Wait, you are the director! You think, “I have to get food, now!”

Finally, the clock has struck your magic hour. Anticipation is finally over and the band is performing a subtle rumble. You open your lunch-bag and an aroma of the fresh salad is overwhelming. Now, you are frantically searching for your fork. A rigid symphony plays in your stomach. Your worst food nightmares have come true. NO FORK! What should you do? Wrestle within your own strength and use a spoon or do you go searching for a fork?

You try using a spoon to eat a leafy salad… Cumbersome, right?! It can be done, but a fork would be more sufficient. You will keep getting frustrated, trying to do it your way in a sense.

Our wavering faith works like this: one day, we are high and the next day we are low and feel like God will not come through. Instead, we try to endure by eating a salad with a spoon. The salad represents our issue, obstacle, or situation. While the spoon, well the spoon, is our own selfish way of trying to cope with our struggle. We know we need God (the fork) but we try to overcome with spoon (self). You become frustrated, tired, angry, and you even waste salad on your clothes, but you continue to eat at the salad anyhow. Doubt intensifies! “Why did I try and do this ALONE?”

The fork is our NOW faith, no matter what happens with this salad (obstacle) you will come out on the other side of that thang victorious. If you keep scuffling with the spoon your endurance will eventually wither. Your confidence will drop and you will feel defeated. Hold on to God’s promises because we know that all things work together for good.  Romans 8:28 (NKJV) Yes, that salad has a place in your plan.

Eat the salad, but use a fork. Our faith should not waver it says, “God I do not trust You.” So, let me continue to try and muddle through using a spoon.

Fork me please! My faith is planted and rooted in the Lord.

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