Cornerstone Of Hope

God Restores

By Inita Callaway

When we are broken, bruised and left bewildered we think that God has forgotten about us. This is not true at all, He uses us to get the glory and to show others who He is. I’m reminded of the power of God through my television set, yes I said television set! Then the story of Job comes to mind. Job lost everything! Most of us cannot even fathom losing a $20 let alone EVERYTHING. God did not forget him, in fact, God restored him, and blessed him with more than before. Job was counted out, but God literally put him back together. I did not lose everything, but I want to illustrate the idea of God’s restoration through my tv experience.


In February 2010, I purchased my very first 42’ flat screen Toshiba television for my living room. I was overjoyed and felt accomplished. This was the first big ticket item I had purchased alone for my new apartment. Every day I marveled over what I had done. My son and I enjoyed it with pride. Occasionally, he would unintentionally hurl an action figure at the screen and it would grind my gears. He was only being a mischievous three years old. Two years floated by and the TV started to show signs of malfunction. It made me uneasy because I spent my hard earned $700 to buy it. The first malfunction was sound. It would go in and out, so I would unplug the TV to get the sound back working. I grew irritated. Then a few months went by and a pinkish colored line appeared on the right side of the screen about an inch wide. After my failed attempts to turn unplug it, the line would still be plastered there like it was apart of the television program. I started to give up on the tv. As the months cruised by, the line became thicker and more lines appeared, eventually leaving the tv inoperable and needing repairs. It sat in my living room as a mantle piece that collected dust — and was never turned on. My intentions were to get it fixed, but that always fell low on the priority list of bills. So the TV sat. And sat some more. By this time, five years have passed! Yes, I kept the tv that long. It mainly took up space, but there was an emotional attachment to it. I finally paid $240 for repairs, I was elated that I was able to use the television again. Small victories. A new apartment. A new and improved tv. Sweet. To my dismay, about 8 months later in 2017, the television went completely out, this time, I was left without a warning. When I turned it on, the screen was black and fuzzy. I was livid. After all this time the tv decided to do this to me. There were other televisions in the house, but there was something about this one that I could not part with.

The dusty black 42’ TV set in my bedroom on the chester drawer fit for the scrap yard and collecting piles of dust. To appease myself, I’d power it on every once in a while and end up mad at myself for still holding on to it. I was not watching TV much at all, so I figured I’d get rid of it. There was something that would not let me trash it. One day, I was annoyed and mad at the world and the TV was the first thing I wanted to get rid of. So I took it to the door, preparing it for the garbage pickup — quickly my mind changed and put it back. I started shopping for a new TV to replace it, but each time something else came up and prevented me from making the purchase. After the set just sat for another five months, I turned it on just to check it out and to my surprise, it was working, no lines, not specks, no fuzz just a perfect picture. It has been working ever since. God restores – even when you think it is over! This reminds me of how God works on us even after we try and give up on ourselves, even after we get repaired on our terms, he does the ultimate restoration when we are patient and lean completely on Him.

Do not count yourself out or the situation you are in because God restores, better than before. I’m reminded of it every day when I watch my eight-year-old television.


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