Cornerstone Of Hope

Shelter In Place

(Part 1)     BY:  Pamela D. Lester Never in my lifetime have I seen the entire country on lock down.  We are in the midst of a pandemic due to the corona virus or covid-19 as it is fearfully referred to.  This deadly virus has been unleashed on the world and at the present time there […]
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Up For Grabs!

UP For Grabs! By Inita Callaway Free is ALWAYS good. Free indicates no restraints, no costs, or obligations to you. An indescribable feeling creeps upon you when you see the word “complimentary” next to that special item. It is almost liberating. Freebies come in all forms: shoes, smartphones, frequent flyer miles, and even food. Free food […]
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It’s Your Journey, Just Enjoy It!

It’s Your Journey, Just Enjoy It! By Inita Callaway Journey, trip, excursion, voyage or whatever colloquiums you prefer to use – we are all on one. Now, where you are in your expedition depends on a lot of factors. Did you watch out for dead ends, wrong turns, or even the dreaded construction signs? I […]
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Disconnect : A Vow to Nate

Disconnected : A Vow to Nate By Pamela Lester Today, I was browsing on our church app and somehow I got connected to Facebook.  I never go on Facebook because of all of the gossip, mess and unnecessary information that is put out there.  So I never post, comment or accept friend requests, as I […]
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A Reluctant Professor, Yet A Willing Servant

A Reluctant Professor, Yet A Willing Servant By Dr. Jaira Harrington My experiences in life so far have taught me that most people of all stripes love titles of distinction. Frankly, I don’t care for them. I can be responsible and do the work I need to achieve the objectives I want without a title […]
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The Day I Left my Cellphone at Home : God’s Time v.s. Our Time

The Day I Left my Cellphone at Home : God’s Time v.s. Our Time By Inita Callaway The world as we know it is always changing. One day you see a vacant lot and the next two months, you see an overpriced condominium. That’s how fast the world around us evolves. To make matters worse, […]
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Really, I’m the Plug!

Really, I’m the Plug! By Faythe Missick   Really I’m the Plug, really I’m the Plug. Really I’m the Plug, really I’m the Plug. The Plug? Are you? Drake & Future, two very relevant rap artist, may be the plug to most of their entourage, but in the kingdom of heaven – God is the […]
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