Cornerstone Of Hope

God Always Looks Past Our Imperfections

Sometimes we need to be reminded of the fact that Jesus sees past all of our imperfections. And that’s exactly the message that is being shared this holiday season through an old ratty teddy bear. #TheHopeCity
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God Always Restores

God will always restore. He is faithful, but we just have to endure and trust him.
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He’s There Through it All

In life, we all certainly like mountaintop experiences better than valleys — the air is clean, the sun is shining, and the view is amazing. But the truth is, we’re going to go through valleys. It’s inevitable. You’ve observed that, haven’t you? But He reminds us that he is there through it all.
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Rejoice Anyhow

Imagine watching the Cubs play when you already know the outcome. You already know who is going to win. No matter how far behind the winning team falls, no matter how bad it looks for them, you wouldn’t get upset. You wouldn’t be worried. Why? You’ve got inside intell. That’s what God is saying to […]
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Stay in the Game

Life happens. Rejections, break-ups, tragedy and other disappointments occur daily. When a compilation of these negatives arise simultaneously it can be difficult to stay positive. Instead of allowing blow after blow to keep you down, allow prayer to lift you up and refill your cup.
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Be Patient.

Your life is a process of singular events. You must refuse to get shortsighted and focus on what you like to see happen NOW. Trust that God is orchestrating your steps in a way that will produce a result – that will reflect divine order in your life. Just enjoy your journey. He is the […]
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Rest In Him

Are you able to turn off the mental chatter related to stressful or difficult situations and find rest in God? Too many times the stress of everyday life can weigh us down and we forget to guard our hearts. The mighty winds may blow, the thunder may roll, and you may be floating in a […]
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Bless Up!

Your greatest blessing is when you can bless someone in the midst of your storm. No matter what your storm is today, bless someone else. Your challenge is to bless someone today. Pay the toll for the car behind you. Pay for a meal. Give a ride. Spend time. Call someone. Just go out of […]
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Patience Is A Virtue!

  Patience is one of the most difficult virtues to have. Life forces us to wait and be patient for many things, and it often proves difficult. Let patience have her perfect work. Remember James 1: 4-8 #Patience #Faith #TheHopeCity
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Keep Pressing

  How much is too much? When the enemy wants to wear on you, he does it full throttle. He keeps spitting fire until you get burned and surrender to him, or worse stop trusting God. When the enemy peeks into your destiny and see what God has for you, he will try and take […]
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In All Circumstances

The difficult circumstances we face can make it hard to say, “Thanks, Lord! You’re still good despite my circumstance.” We should be thankful to our God who see in every situation an opportunity for us to trust Him – whether or not we see His purpose. By God’s grace we can be thankful in ALL things! […]
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