It’s Your Journey, Just Enjoy It!

It’s Your Journey, Just Enjoy It!

By Inita Callaway

Journey, trip, excursion, voyage or whatever colloquiums you prefer to use – we are all on one. Now, where you are in your expedition depends on a lot of factors. Did you watch out for dead ends, wrong turns, or even the dreaded construction signs? I despise those. Some of us, I’m definitely guilty, will keep going down the same road and clearly it is not for us. God may put up roadblocks, no street signs, no clear directions, or the road may be poorly lit, but we have to keep traveling with confidence in order to enjoy the journey.  Remember, he knows what we need to experience on our journeys in order for Him to get the glory.

I’m inclined to believe that the dreaded detours are blessings in disguise. Think of it this way. There is more than one way to make it to your favorite restaurant. It may take you out of your way, you may even get a bit hungrier on the way, or you may stop and grab something else, but God has a way of putting you back on the road to success. God is omnipotent and knows what is to come, and we just need to trust Him and, literally — let him take the wheel. He accelerates at just the right time and knows what and who needs to be left behind.

Just think, if the 3 wise men traveled for days on camels to see baby Jesus because they knew a savior was born – why can we not travel through this life and achieve as much, take every opportunity to use your gifts, meet the needs of others, all while giving God the glory.

He is who we ultimately want to see, right?


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