#Kingdom Talk : The Harvest is Ripe, but Where’s the Laborers?

I’ve noticed that whenever Jesus drew a large crowd, He eliminated most of them by talking about the requirements of discipleship.  If Jesus was interested in just building a large following He would have kept quiet about the cost of discipleship. Jesus wasn’t interested in the numbers game, he wanted to make disciples. Unfortunately, most of the people who heard Him weren’t interested in absolute commitment to His authority. Getting by was good enough for them.

Sadly, that’s too often the case in the church today. Too many of us serve Christ as long as He doesn’t inconvenience us.  Few church members would never say things like this out loud, but that’s the message that is conveyed. As a result, there are too few disciples around to enable the church to impact the world, the city, the neighborhood or simply the block their church occupies.

We need committed individuals to become disciples and they don’t just magically appear. Committed disciples must be developed by dedicated Christian who have become disciples, and pour themselves into men and women who are determined not to sell out.  This commitment requires not only bible reading but engaging into the lives of the lost. This guarantees some trials, suffering and inconveniences, but it also promises us the power, presence and provision of Christ that gives us something to offer a community and a nation full of people who have ran out of options.

Our church cannot be comfortable with the status quo. In order to combat the issue of a disciple shortage we must shout it on the mountaintop “Help Wanted, willing hearts need to apply”.

Hope’s ‘More Than A Member’ Campaign will encourage us to move to a deeper level in Christ. To move from Membership to Discipleship. Will you accept the challenge?

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