First Lady, MRS. Felicia Epting

Mrs. Felicia Epting is a native of Chicago, IL, the wife of Rev. Steve M. Epting, Sr., and the First Lady of Hope Community Church. She strives to be an example of a virtuous woman — a woman who is yielded to God in every aspect of her life.

First Lady Felicia Epting is a graduate of Western Illinois University [Macomb, IL] where she received a B.A. and M.A. in Broadcast Communications. After receiving a Masters of Art Degree in Education from Concordia University [River Forest, IL], she entered the work force as a teacher for the Chicago Public School System. Currently in her professional career as an Educator, a ministry she does not take lightly, she is positioned as a Reading Specialist, a Teacher and she stands as the lead co-chair of her department.

“When you talk about the here and now, it would have to be my husband, my children and my grandson. I hold them very dear to my heart. They are so important that I live for them, wanting to please them and wanting to be a support to them.” – Felicia Epting

Having met her soulmate and future husband, Rev. Steve M. Epting, Sr., in college, they united as one in February, 1990. Together they have be blessed with two children, Steve, Jr. and Sydney, and one precious grandson, Shane.

Mrs. Epting is truly a humble and faithful witness for Christ. She has a genuine concern for God’s people and demonstrates it through her walk. She devotes herself to ministry by sharing her personal testimony and teaching others to have faith and to stand on God’s word. Mrs. Epting is well regarded for her many gifts and talents, including singing praises to The King and teaching the gospel.

Mrs. Epting has a huge heart for her Hope Community Church family, and the various people she encounters in her daily walk. Having a strong belief that ‘faith without works is dead’, she works diligently to strengthen the Kingdom of God. She serves as a “Big Sister” on Hope’s WE W.I.N. (We Women-In-Need) Prayer Ministry. A ministry of united Prayer Warriors who pray earnestly for the needs of women both inside and outside of Hope Community Church. Mrs. Epting is a powerful Sunday School instructor, a motivator, and role model. The regal feeling experienced after having a one-on-one conversation with Mrs. Epting, leaves one feeling reassured and capable of conquering the world. She provides Godly counsel with mom-like advice; she simply states “seek God” and “hang in there!”

Her love for people exudes beyond being the First Lady of Hope Community Church. Mrs. Epting has been in service as a Co-Chaplet for the Joliet, IL Chapter of the Delta Sigma Feta Sorority.
Though she strays from the title “First Lady” her love for God, her family, and the Body of Christ allows her to embody her many gifts and talents and enables her to fulfill the numerous roles God has placed before her.

“As a wife of a pastor, my job is to support him, undergird him, and encourage him. It is not for me to jump out in front of him and look for accolades and pats on the back.” – Mrs. Epting

First Lady Felicia Epting is an awesome Woman of God who encourages and inspires the lives of others… and for that, we are grateful.


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