Shelter In Place

(Part 1)     BY:  Pamela D. Lester

Never in my lifetime have I seen the entire country on lock down.  We are in the midst of a pandemic due to the corona virus or covid-19 as it is fearfully referred to.  This deadly virus has been unleashed on the world and at the present time there is no remedy, vaccine or cure. This virus doesn’t discriminate, and it is no respecter of persons.  It has infected the elderly as old as 99 years of age as well as a two-month-old baby, who just recently tested positive for the virus.  People all over the world are now being tested for this virus and all the results have yet to come in. There are many other countries around the world where thousands of people are dying from the corona virus.  Now the United States of America has surpassed the highest number of cases reported.  As of April 2020, Chicago has reported a total of 20,852 with 720 deaths. In the United States, there are over 746,000 cases reported and 41,379 deaths. The numbers are rising by the minute and by the time this article is published, there will be more cases and deaths unfortunately. The Worldwide total is over 2,300,000.  Saints of God we really need to be obedient and listen to the warnings of the experts who are tracking this deadly disease.  We have been ordered to stay in and self-isolate because this virus is probably worse than what they are actually telling us. We better take this very serious and seek God’s face because we could be experiencing biological warfare and all they are telling us to do is Shelter in Place.

The economy is suffering, the stock market is crashing, everyone has been ordered to work from home or stay home from work. Unemployment is at an all-time high because this is the most Americans that have been unemployed in the history of the United States. Our religious institutions have closed their doors and ceased to have Sunday services in their sanctuaries. People are not allowed to gather or congregate in crowds and we are told to practice social distancing and stay at least 6 feet away from anyone in public.  Even the dearly departed are deprived of their final home going celebrations with family and friends because the mourners are restricted to 10 occupants per funeral. The mayor has closed the parks, playgrounds and other public areas where folks gather because we just won’t follow the “No Congregating” order. Law enforcement officers are issuing warnings, citations and even arresting those who are not following orders. Businesses are closed, appointments are being cancelled and even hospitals are instructing people to stay home and self-contain if you are sick and experiencing flu like symptoms. What are we supposed to do?  Saints of God, we better listen to the warnings, use common sense and Shelter in Place.

In all things give thanks.  In spite of everything going on, I must say that I’m so grateful we’re living in a day and time where we can take advantage of modern technology. We’ve been able to have prayer via telephone conference lines with hundreds of our Brothers and Sisters-in-Christ. We’ve been able to live stream on Facebook and see and hear an inspired word from our Pastor. My granddaughter has been able to skype with her classmates, keep up with her lessons and upload her homework to her teacher.  But the best thing of all is during this containment is that I’ve been able to see my grandbabies faces every day via Facetime and for that I’m truly grateful. It’s a blessing when we can use modern technology in the ways and purposes for which it was intended, for times such as these while we Shelter in place.

I love and miss you all and I pray that you be safe, be smart and until we hear from God, continue to Shelter in place.


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