The Day I Left my Cellphone at Home : God’s Time v.s. Our Time

The Day I Left my Cellphone at Home : God’s Time v.s. Our Time

By Inita Callaway

The world as we know it is always changing. One day you see a vacant lot and the next two months, you see an overpriced condominium. That’s how fast the world around us evolves. To make matters worse, we have our faces glued to a device more than 75% of the day and making eye contact is almost impossible. Please don’t let us talk about driving a car, which has become cumbersome because we can now sync our phones to our cars and then we peck on buttons the entire ride. Everything is on the go; relationships, books, banking, games, even lights can be controlled from wherever, cars started up, shopping, socializing, studying, exercise, meetings, and even the bible. The few things that we cannot do with them will probably be made so in the next twenty years. Unfortunately, electronics has ruled our worlds… But what happens when you leave those devices at home?

The day I left my cell phone at home, I felt naked and uninformed. I was lost, so I thought and the sad part was I only knew about a handful of phone numbers, so making calls would be tough. Then I realized, I texted 95% of my day, a phone conversation seemed like too much of a commitment. The ride into work was scenic I never noticed how long the ride actually was before that day. Most times, I’m too wrapped up into my phone to realize the route. Often times I would look up and thank God I had not hit anyone because I was not sure how I made it. Sadly, I do not even recall turning down some streets. This is how sidetracked I had become when reading an email, or responding to a text, or perusing through FaceBook statuses of other people who were also occupied by their devices.

God spoke to me this day, as He does each day. The difference was I had been too distracted by the devices which made all concentration to Him lost. God forbid I missed a notification from Musicly, one of my new followers posted a video lip-syncing to a song I most likely don’t even know. Snap Chat was always fascinating to look at how much fun everyone was having in their lives in increments of a few seconds or so it appeared.

God whispered, “You’ve been too disconnected from me lately.” The last thing you want to hear from God is that you’ve been too disconnected from Him. He is the ultimate source of all resources.  Matthew 6:24 was put on my heart, “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.” Some prioritizing clearly needed to take place.

The day I left my cell phone at home, I realized how much my relationship with God was suffering. There were so many missed opportunities to talk to God, to exalt Him, to tell Him just how good He has been. Yes, I did the quick prayer in the shower on the daily, but as soon as it was done, I was back to my device. That is a cheap and meaningless relationship. God deserves much more.

The day I left my cell phone at home, was one of the best days I had experienced in a long time. I was made aware of things around me and most importantly, God was able to use me. I implore you all to do the same more often. God’s time is precious and should not have to compete with the many distractions of our day, especially electronics.

A relationship with God is the best relationship you will ever have the pleasure to be in because in that you will find ‘true’ love.


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