Up For Grabs!

UP For Grabs!

By Inita Callaway

Free is ALWAYS good. Free indicates no restraints, no costs, or obligations to you. An indescribable feeling creeps upon you when you see the word “complimentary” next to that special item. It is almost liberating.

Freebies come in all forms: shoes, smartphones, frequent flyer miles, and even food. Free food is the best, especially if it’s delicious. Who would pass up that? Often, we gloat on the “free” stuff we gain. We like to emphasize the no effort in attaining something. But have you ever thought about who really pays? You best believe someone foots the bill. Someone is held accountable for your temporary gratification. Someone makes a sacrifice that you will NEVER understand.

When God sent his Son, Jesus, to save us, he made the ultimate sacrifice. In our natural minds, it would have been like death, having to give up our child or loved one. God did all of this to free us from ourselves. That was a hefty price tag, but complimentary to US. Then he made it even simpler to live with Him forever, when He returns, if we just accept Him as our Lord and Savior, at no cost to us. God is very thoughtful because most people would not give up ANYTHING, especially a child, for your soul. This is shows just how much God loves us. He wants us to live with him, love others, share His word, and strive to be more like Him daily.

Salvation is free. It is up for grabs to those who want it. It is available for the taking. It is complimentary to you. Do you want to save your soul and then share the goodness of God?

God wants us to be fishers of men… meaning he wants us to meet (catch) people(fish) where they are and share the goodness of Him and bring them to salvation.

Are you willing to scream on the mountain top about that FREE thing God is offering?


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